This book was everything I needed! I was in a bookish slump, I need to get away from dystopian & fantasy, so I downloaded this on my kindle, and I fell in love with this story! I loved all of the characters and while I was cheering for the characters, I also felt torn when they did, but then I was so happy with the ending. It was a great book, I read it within 2 days I believe and thats only because I started the book really late at night, I am sure I could of read it in one setting. I gave it 5 stars!!!! I love Colleen Hoovers writing, and I am already reading another book of hers! 




This is about a girl named Sydney who finds out her best friend/roommate, Tori and her boyfriend of 2 years, Hunter, were sneaking behind her back and having sex for quite awhile, and to make things even shittier she found out on her birthday. Ridge who lives across her apartment and barley knows her, was the one who told her. With no where to go she ends up moving in with Ridge and his other roommates. Sydney and Ridge only barely knew each other before hand because of music and that brings them closer than ever... the only thing is Ridge has a girlfriend, Maggie, and Ridge doesn't want to be a Hunter and Sydney doesn't want to be a Tori, but the heart wants what the heart wants...can they mange to be friends and continue to work with the music? Or does Maggie get hurt and they become what they never wanted to be? 


It was a great book I highly recommend it! It has humor, love, and sadness, but a great ending that leaves you happy & satisfied!