#1 is definitely A Game of Thrones George R.R Martin

#2 Maybe Some Day by Colleen Hoover

 the rest I am not quite sure if I will or will not but they are on my list so we will see which ones! so with that said 

#3 Cryers Cross by Lisa McMann

#4 Now or Never by A.J Bennett & is FREE on amazon

#5 Hopeless by Colleen Hoover & is FREE on amazon right now

#6 Last Train Home by Megan Isbell & is FREE on amazon


Now none of these are in any order except for the first two, I am already reading those!


I am in a romance type of mood so that's why a lot of those books are up there lol, some of these are even short reads so I am sure I might have more up there!!!!!


What are you reading for April????!!!!