Well this book was just amazingly beautiful. I had put this book off for so long because I knew it was about two cancer patients & their love story, and at the time my friend Lyndsey was battling cancer since she was 3 until this year in February at 19 she passed away. I was so down, she was my inspiration and I was just so lost. I was going to get rid of this book, I did not want to read it after that, but something inside me made me pick it up just after a few weeks of her passing, and I read it.. all of it. And at times it made me think of her beautiful soul and the humor she had, she would of understood this book probably more than any of us. Her humor was just like the Characters Gus & Hazel. I really enjoyed this book, and I think this book might have a special spot in my heart forever. Yes I did cry the last like 5 chapters and probably worse than others because of the timing, but it was just sooooooooo beautiful! Definitely read this book! The movie comes out June 6th of this year!!!!