I loved this book so much, I think I read it only in like 3 days and that was because I had distractions, I could of totally had this done in one day. I was so captivated by the story. I love the characters, although I am a little iffy about Warner. I really can not wait to read Unravel Me, but I am waiting for my Unite Me to come in so I can read Warner's view for Shatter Me, then I will be reading Unravel me, It likes sitting on my shelf and I keep wanting to pick it up, its taking everything in me not to lol. Then I'm sure I am going to want Ignite me right away after that lol. Anyways this book was just everything I wanted, dystopian, quick page turner, did not want to put it down, a little romance. I just highly recommend reading this if you haven't, but I am pretty sure almost everyone has! Damn, Just writing and thinking about it, makes me want to pick up Unravel Me right now...sigh book problems!